Terrace cafés in Summer

  • 6 September 2018

This year, a young photographer – Salomé – accompanied me on my outings, starting at the café terraces.

As for the past 20 years I sit there every morning in Summer.
“You tell us when the good weather is coming”, Monsieur Barthélémy was shouting over to me every season on seeing me back there. “It’s your corner, and I’ll tell you a secret : neither
us will see it but I reckon one day they’ll put up a plaque in your name”. Monsieur B loved art and liked my paintings. Lourmarin lost a great man when he rose above earth’s crust. But life goes on and here we are in the company of the living on the café terraces. The bar owners make sure the waiters treat me to treat me like a king! God bless them.

Here are a few photos from Salomé’s first outing.

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