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  • 26 July 2018

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Some news

Illustration de l’édition collector de « La Datcha » d’Agnès Martin Lugand

Quand Agnès m’a demandé d’illustrer la couverture de la Datcha en me disant « comme j’aime votre peinture j’ai pensé naturellement à vous…» Je me suis tout de suite plongé dans la lecture de la Datcha. Dès les premières lignes j’ai été captivé. C’était évident d’accepter le challenge! Nous avons fait des rencontres extraordinaires… à [...]

Opening exhibition

Les nouvelles affiches 2020

En cette fin d’année trois nouveaux modèles viennent enrichir notre collection d’affiches : Bastide (70 x 95 cm) Lavandes à Ferrassières (70 x 100 cm) 6 Août 2015 (70 x 95 cm)


This season, already naturally quite sad, is worsened this year by death and horror. The deadly virus won’t go away and we’re hit by barbarity once more. But we won’t let these abominations affect us. Drawing life, giving images to soften our pain or exult our feelings, is the duty of the artist and the […]

“Good for print” signed by the artist : two new posters models in two sizes.

“Rue des Cafés” and “Lavandes”, to see and order on the posters section As usual a dedication by the artist is possible : just ask!

The lavender drove me crazy !

For years I’ve wanted to paint the lavender and for years I’ve put it off. I have an excuse : when their flowering begins, the terraces demand me ! If I don’t give in soon  I’ll never do it. Dear friends & favourite models, please excuse my digression : this year is the year ! […]

Two new posters !

“Femme en orange” and “Rue Henri de Savornin” have been printed in posters. These two new models are available at the two current sizes 77 x 102 cm and 58 x 78 cm.

A fabulous street party

A fabulous street party has marked the end of my Summer season on the terraces.

The Blog

Dear friends, I decided to share with you some episodes of my life as a painter. Many of you have asked me. I hope to answer you through this blog, photo-report in support!

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